Studio Gear

Over the past few years have had the distinct privilege of being able to amass a fully tricked out, professionally equipped in-home studio.

On cool, winter days time in the studio is a great way to channel artistic energy without having to step outside.


MonolightElinchromDigital Style 600RX Compact Flash, 4 Of

Softboxes & Beauty Dish

SoftboxElinchromRotalux Octabox Midi 135cm (53″)#EL26184
SoftboxElinchromRotalux Square 100cm (39″)#EL26179
SoftboxElinchromRotalux Square 70cm (28″)#EL26178
SoftboxElinchromRotalux Strip 35 x 90cm (14″ x 35″)#EL26180
Beauty DishElinchromMiniSoft Reflector White 44cm (17″) 80°#EL26168
Beauty DishElinchromMiniSoft Reflector (Beauty Dish) Diffuser 44cm (17″)#EL26332

Reflectors, Grids, & Filters

ReflectorElinchromBackground Reflector#EL26165
ReflectorElinchromStandard Reflector 21cm (8.25″) 50°, 3 Of#EL26141
GridElinchromHoneycomb Grid Set 21cm (8.25″)#EL26051
Reflector HolderElinchromReflector Accessory Holder 21cm (8.25″)#EL26034
Color FiltersElinchromColor Filter Set 21cm (8.25″)#EL26243
Color FiltersLeeColor Effects Filter Pack # CEP
ReflectorStroboframePops 32″ White/Gold Reflector

Monolight Radio Slaves

Radio SlaveElinchromEL-Skyport RX Transceiver, 4 Of#EL19362
Radio SlaveElinchromEL-Skyport RX Transmitter, 2 Of#EL19362
Radio SlaveElinchromEL-Skyport USB RX Transceiver#EL19354. Allows for complete control of
monolights with PC or Mac.
Radio SlaveElinchromEL-Skyport WiFi Module#EL19356. Allows for complete control of
monolights with iPhone or iPad.

Light & Reflector Stands

Light StandAvengerA420 Baby Roller Wheeled Light Stand, 4 Of#A5029
Light StandAvengerD600 Mini Boom Arm, 2 Of#D600
Light StandAvengerBaby Backlite Stand#A0003
Light StandAvengerCentury C Stand + Grip Arm Kit 9.75’ Black, 2 Of#A2030DCB
Light StandPhotoflexLiteStand Extra Large#870592
Light StandPhotoflexCollapsible Reflector Holder#870253
Light StandManfrottoCounter Balance Weight, 3 Lbs#172
Light Stand ManfrottoCounter Balance Weight, 10 Lbs#023
Light StandAvengerSand Bag, 2 Of#G100-2

Light Meters

Light MeterSekonicL-358 Flash Meter

Background Materials  

Background StandNeewerT-Shape Background Backdrop Support StandASIN #B08Q3FHN7S | 5’x7′
BackgroundSavageInfinity Vinyl Background 5’x7′ White# V01-0507
BackgroundSavageInfinity Vinyl Background 9’x10′ White# V01-0910
BackgroundSavageInfinity Vinyl Background 9’x10′ Black# V20-0910
Studio FloorEucatileHardboard Thrifty White Tile Board 4’x8′ White, 4 OfCreates a perfect white, seamless studio floor.

Misc Bits & Bobs

Product Photo PlatformStanley31″ Folding Sawhorse, 2 PairCollapsible & portable; 31″ tall x 22″ wide.
Product Photo PlatformHome DepotSanded Plywood 1/2″ x 2′ x 4′, 2 Of
Gaffer TapePermacel ShurtapeGaffer Tape 2″ x 30′ Black