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Trinity River Reflects Dallas

by Bob Radcliff
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On Easter Sunday in early April attended an evening skyline (cityscape) photography workshop in Downtown Dallas (Texas, US) hosted by a couple of local photographers which focused on still photography of the Dallas city skyline (i.e., buildings and bridges lit up against the dark sky). During the course of the workshop learned the desired foreground for most any Dallas skyline photograph is the Trinity River. But seems the typical state of the river is more like what one would commonly think of as a creek (i.e., a very narrow strip of water only a few feet wide).

And so on the date of this workshop it was just that – a creek.

Also learned the US National Weather Service hosts a website full of data which depicts the current, last seven days, and predicted next seven days water level of the river. When the river gets to flood stage (approximately 30′ deep), the river becomes the perfect foreground for framing the city.

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