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What To Wear

by Bob Radcliff
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What should you wear ? What should you bring to a shoot ?

Following are guidelines intended to help you look great in your photos. In planning what to wear and/or bring to a shoot please keep in mind it’s better to have people comment about how YOU look than comment about what you’re wearing, your jewelry, or makeup.

General Guidelines

  • Yes to solid colors. No to polka dots, stripes, floral prints, or patterns.
  • Clothing that fits you properly. Tight fitting clothing can be flattering for some, but it doesn’t photograph well on everyone.
  • No trendy or fashion oriented outfits.
  • A good mix of colors and styles.
  • Limited, simple jewelry (e.g., plain studs, small hoops, simple necklace, or choker).
  • Unless otherwise discussed, it’s unlikely your shoes will appear in any photos.

Headshot Guidelines

  • Yes to warm, earthy tones. Generally, no to white and light pastel colors.
  • If you bring more than one top, it’s best to have an assortment of necklines.
  • Tops should have shoulders – no sleeveless, spaghetti straps, or tank tops.
  • Shirts & sweaters with texture (e.g., knit or ribbed material) are good.

You May Wish To Consider Wearing and/or Bringing

  • Well fitting tight jeans or denim shorts
  • Shorts, short-shorts, or micro shorts
  • Mini-dress or mini-skirt
  • Sun dress
  • Sport/fitness tops (including a sports bra) & bottoms
  • Solid black and/or white socks (plus a fun solid color)
  • Bikini
  • Black, white, and/or flesh-toned panties (including a thong)
  • Black, white, flesh-toned, and/or strapless bras
  • Sunglasses
  • Phone & Earbuds
  • A favorite, fun hat (or two)

Don’t Forget To Bring

  • Hair care products (e.g., your brush or comb)
  • Makeup kit

One Final Thought

If you have a great idea for an item you do not own, avoid running out and buying something you may never wear again. If you must have it, consider …

  • borrowing it,
  • buying and returning after the shoot, or
  • buying from a discount store (e.g., Target).

calendar Last updated 15-Dec-2021.

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