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It’s Game On !

by Bob Radcliff
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What a great first game of the football season.

As the NFL 2013 season officially began this past weekend had the good fortune to both tailgate and watch in person at Cowboys Stadium (now known as AT&T Stadium) the Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants. It was an absolute blast!

For the past many years have paid only scant attention to the NFL. It was usually from a distance and without much knowledge of or interest in the league. It wasn’t that I didn’t know the game. Have been a huge fan of college football for years. In fact before moving to Texas a couple years ago my home in Michigan put me within a short drive of the grand football palaces of the University of Michigan, Michigan State, and Notre Dame. Plus, for the past many years had season tickets to football at my alma mater, Western Michigan University, in Kalamazoo.

But my move to Dallas, Texas a couple years ago significantly changed my perspective. College football, of course, is also very big in Texas. But the big schools (e.g., University of Texas or Texas A&M) are rather far afield from Dallas. So to follow the idiom “when in Rome” I headed off to check out Cowboys Stadium. And OMG! It’s the grandest cathedral to football ever. And besides being one of the worlds’ most valuable sports franchises the Cowboys have a very rich football tradition. So after attending a few games over the past couple years decided this year to set my sights on season tickets.

And lo and behold the picture above of the unfurling of the flag at the beginning of the game this past Sunday evening is taken from the perspective of my new season ticket seats.

Look forward to attending and following the Cowboys for years to come. Through thick and thin. Let this season begin. 🙂

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