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Time To Take The Mirrors Off

by Bob Radcliff
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The title for today’s post borrows a sports idiom to make a point. In this age of retina displays and gorilla glass the time has come (just like it did for film and all manner of film cameras) to remove the traditional ground glass view finder and mirror.

Several camera manufacturers (inlcuding Nikon, Canon, and Sony) in the past couple years have designed, manufactured, and marketed various mirrorless cameras. But recent reports from these companies indicate they area experiencing some sales bumps. And Canon has even hinted it may cease marketing them in the US.

These mirrorless cameras without the bulk of the through the lens viewfinder and mirror are both lighter and smaller. And given the miniturizaiton that occurs routintely with all things tech this new breed of camera follows a natural and quite welcome photography evolution. It would also seem a good weapon to counter the proliferation of the ubiquitous “always have a camera with you” smartphone.

Any time a new product is imagined and introduced there are bound to be adjustments both in the product and its marketing in order to hit the sweet spot of consumer acceptance, sales volume, and profitability. As such would hope the major camera manufacturers are able to take the long view and keep at it until they get it right.

Key features am looking for in the next iteration of Nikon’s high end mirrorless cameras (presumably the V3) inlcude (1) phone to camera bluetooth & wifi upload, (2) improved sensor, (3) same caliber AF as Nikon’s pro-sumer DSLRs, and (4) and more high quality lenses.

calendar Last updated 3-May-2021.

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